Sailing out of Seattle Washington!

Celebrity Solstice, the first of the Solstice-class ships, offers one of the most elegant mainstream cruising experiences at sea. Its style blossoms from the root of its name, "sol," meaning "sun," and the sun plays an important role on the ship, from powering the 216 solar panels that contribute to the ship's electrical grid, to nurturing what is perhaps the most unusual feature of this, or any other, ship: a full half-acre of lush living grass. Called the Lawn Club, this area features the Hot Glass Show, where passengers can delight in seeing the creation of complex works of glass art from raw materials to the finished objects. There are also six private cabanas, available for rent for those who want shade and a little privacy but don't wish to be near the pool area. The Lawn Club is a delightful spot to relax, play a game of boules or catch a movie on the ship's new outdoor movie screen!

The Best of Alaska!

FRI     Seattle, Washington    -    4:00 PM    Boarding
SAT     Cruising    -    -    Cruising
SUN     Ketchikan, Alaska    7:00 AM    4:00 PM    Docked
MON     Endicott Arm & Dawes Glacier, Endicott Arm & Dawes Glacier
MON     Juneau, Alaska    1:30 PM    10:00 PM    Docked
TUE     Skagway, Alaska    7:00 AM    6:00 PM    Docked
TUE     Alaska Inside Passage, Alaska
WED     Cruising    -    -    Cruising
THU     Victoria, British Columbia    5:30 PM    11:59 PM    Docked
FRI     Seattle, Washington    6:00 AM    -    Departure